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Bemsify Ltd

Ebusness - Development and trade of high value-added products

Value creator

As a value creator, our company aims to create a unique business in a challenging world. Products designed with love for exceptional customers who will recognize themselves in our values. Innovation, quality, eco-responsibility, a touch of luxury, best value of money.


Our vision of innovation is not about simply doing something new or different. It is about creating new products that customers will love, about taking a different route that consumers will want to follow.


Reliability, durability, compliance and performance. These are the criteria by which we define our product quality.


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Luxury touch

At Bemsify Ltd, the grip of our product guarantees a luxurious feel. The finishes, design, materials, colours, texture and elegance are carefully studied to dazzle you.

Made with love

From design to delivery, through the entire production and logistics chain, we take the utmost care. We take care of our customers, employees, suppliers and partners as a family.

Trust & Honesty

We want to create a unique company in the world, where respect, honesty, trust and the highest human values are considered above all. Our success will be measured by the joy and unique value we strive to create.

Develop and launch outstanding products

We have the willing and the power to deliver transformative human experiences that enrich lives and provide a positive global impact.

We offer our consumers unlimited innovation with our products. We offer original, simplified, utility-oriented and user-friendly products.

 Our story 

After a degree in mechanical engineering, 8 years experience in mechanical engineering, materials and product development, our CEO launches Bemsify Ltd. A company with high added value. Our goal is to create innovative products that convey human values through unique products that reflect the company’s image.

Years of Experience

Successful Projects

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Example of ongoing projects

Some examples of our future products :

Where to find our products ? 

To satisfy and be close to all our customers, we are multi-channel sellers

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